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Cambodia Tours 8D7N No. 006

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Cambodia Tours 8D7N No. 006
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- 8 Days Overland
- Siem Reap (Angkor Wat Temple)Battambang-Phnom Penh Capital City
- Tour Code: 8D7N STC 006/Dec. 2013
- 4 Days in Siem Reap, 3 Days in Phnom Penh

Day 1: Siem Reap Arrival: (Dinner)
           Arrival and transfer to hotel.  Half-day visit to the fishing village, then we start on the road at the foot of Phnom Krom, on the shores of Grand Lake, where dozens of boats moored hosting the houseboats of fishing village, a community of "nomads of the lake moving water the Tonle Sap to follow the fishing season and here are their homes, schools, church, shops, public buildings, fish farms, all built on barges and floating platforms that raise and lower the following regular rhythm of the floods of the lake. The show way of life of coastal population is Indochina.

Day 2: Full day Visit Angkor Thom Temple: (B/L/D)
      After breakfast at hotel, a whole day is devoted to visiting the temples of Angkor, the most extensive 
archeological area of the world where archaeologists ranked 276 major monuments. Among the many wonders should not miss to visit the citadel of Angkor Thom with its imposing walls and the magnificent monumental gates erected at the end of the twelfth century by the great King Jayavarman VII, who also ordered the construction, the center of the fortified quadrilateral of Bayon, the most enigmatic and fascinating of all the temples erected by the Khmer. Bas-reliefs of great realism and expressiveness crown to 54-sanctuary towers that height of each of those four huge stone faces, facing the cardinal points, projecting the image of the Bodhisattva Lokeshvara. Images from all try and have created a real "myth" of Angkor are discovered behind the wall of sandstone 3200 meters long which includes Ta Prohm, the great Buddhist monastery Jayavarman VII consecrated in 1186 and archaeologists have deliberately left nearly intact, was found in that state: giant trees stand among the tangle of towers sanctuary, huge roots envelop the galleries, thick shrubs sprout from the roofs of each building and the visitor is unable to distinguish the work from human creations Nature. The temple definitely the most celebrated of all existing ones is certainly Angkor Wat, the undisputed masterpiece of Khmer architecture and art. Measure a perimeter of 1,800 x 1.300 m, and the central sanctuary has an area of 215 x 186 m, and culminates with the refined profile of the five towers that dominate the landscape sanctuary. 1,200 square meters of exquisite carvings offer spectacular evidence of figurative art of exceptional refinement. It was built in Italy when it consecrated the cathedral of Pisa and Paris Notre Dame was being built. It is the symbol of Cambodia and is the symbol of the magnificent medieval South-East Asia. Return to the hotel. 

Day 3: Full Day Visit Angkor Area: (B/L/D)

          After breakfast at hotel, full day visit to the times. One of the oldest sacred buildings of Angkor is the Prasat Kravan of 921: elegant shapes from the five sanctuaries dedicated to worship of Lord Vishnu, built in brick and lined up on a pedestal face eastward also the brick was widely used for building in 952 the Mebon, the temple which stood on an artificial island in the middle basin of the Eastern Baray. Only nine years later the King erected Rajendravarman Pre Rup, the magnificent temple mountain in warm ocher. The term "gold standard" of Jayavarman VII date from the great Buddhist shrine of Preah Khan, the temple of the "Sacred Sword", the monastery of Banteay Kdei, the "Citadel of Cells" monastic, the enigmatic and fascinating sacred river of Neak Pean, the "serpents", and the pool of public ablutions, the Srah Srang.

Day 4: Siem Reap – Battambang: (B/L/D)
- After breakfast at hotel, depart to Battambang by overland. Arrive Battambang, check in hotel.
- Afternoon depart to O’dambang village about 8 km from the town. Upon arrival to O’dambang village, we enjoy a small bamboo train ride to O’srolao village almost 2 hours for round trip we will visit local villages and people to experience their lifestyle. We return to O’dambang village by the same small train, and transfer to the town. Overnight in Battambang.

Day 5: Battambang: (B/L/D)
After breakfast, Visit to Bannon temple - a mountain top, 11th century Angkorian-era ruin and Phnom Sampov, steeped in legend and topped by Wat Sampeou and a group of caves used as ‘killing caves’ by the Khmer Rouge, containing the skeletal remains of their victims. Before day end visit to Battambang Provincial Museum on the riverfront in the center of town houses a large collection of Angkorian and pre-Angkorian artifacts - statues, carvings, bits of ancient temples, pottery, etc. Return to Battambang town and Overnight,

Day 6:  Battambang – Phnom Penh: (B/L/D) 
            Morning depart to Phnom Penh -291km/5hrs drive but on the route visit U’dong Mountain. U’dong was served as the capital of Cambodia during 1618 & 1866. A number of Kings including King Norodom were crowned here. Here we visit Vihear Preah Ath Roes, Vihear Preah Ko, Preah Keo and Vihear Prork Neak. After the visit we continue driving to Phnom Penh. Arrive Phnom Penh check in hotel. Overnight in Phnom Penh

Day 7: Phnom Penh City Tour: (B/L/D)
            After breakfast at hotel. Full day visit to Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia with a visit to the National Museum, a valuable treasure chest that contains the masterpieces of Khmer sculpture from the fifth to the thirteenth century, and of the Royal Palace with the Throne Room, where even today the Sovereign grants its hearings, and the adjacent Silver Pagoda complex. You can then visit the museum of S21 (Tuol Sleng Killing Field), a high school that was the seat of the political police under the Pol Pot regime, see the sacred hill of WAT and WAT U’nalom, a pagoda, home to many venerable Buddhist monks, without missing, of course, a "proper" visit to the famous Russian market. 

Day 8: Phnom Penh Departure: (B)
            Breakfast at hotel. Free until transfer to the Phnom Penh Airport. *END OF SERVICES *

Package Rate contact: info@sothavuthtourism.com, sokrithy62@gmail.com 

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